Welcome To “Fish-On, Florida”

It’s not everyday you catch a big, record-breaking slammer. Heck, for most of us, it’s few and far between. But here at “Fish-On, Florida”, we know you’ve worked hard for those flopping fins hooked on the end of your line – AND WE WANNA SEE IT!!!

Don’t get us wrong, we’ll post the big boys, too – just want to give the anglers of Florida who’ve had a great day on the water a chance to shine (and brag a little bit). Share your posts with your friends and family and bring a bit of Florida fun to their day. Guppy or slammer – we don’t care. If you’re proud of it, we are too!!!


Send us your pics and a brief story of your catch and we’ll post it! Please include the following:

Setting Sail In The Florida Keys

  • When and where it was caught
  • Tackle used (feel free to add a review of your fish-slaying tools – we all want to know what works!)
  • Story about your catch (content subject to editing by us before posting on our site)
  • Picture
  • Your name and where you’re from

Hope you enjoy everyone’s stories. Comment as you please, but please be kind. Fish-on, Florida! We’ll see you on the water…

**Check out our FOF Articles! We’re so obsessed…when we’re not fishing, we’re writing about fishing!!**

Here’s A List Of Some Of Our Favorite Websites…Check em’ Out:

Captain Brian Cone – “Contagious” Fishing Charters – It’s Catching!!!


Leadertec – Has a great “How To” Section for beginners – Check out the “Tips and Techniques” tab & “Ask Spike/Teach Spike” Sections!


CyberAngler – Get the low-down on your local dock’s recent catches!


Buoyweather – Great way to check the sea condition before you hit the water!



2 thoughts on “Welcome To “Fish-On, Florida”

  1. Brister

    Pretty good sailfish pic on the homepage. Must have been a hell of a photographer.

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