That Ain’t No Whiting

Slammin’ day at good ole’ Indiatlantic, Florida. Mr. Snook representing the East Coast!

Well folks, here’s a story. My beautiful girlfriend, Ms. Sarah F., and our handsome son, Brayden “Clark Kent” Anthony B., and I were at the beach (Indiatlantic to be exact!) and it was goin’ off. Giant schools of abnormally large greenies were everywhere – looked like black clouds in the turquoise water. Spanish Mack’s were jumping like damn mullets. Stingrays as big as a pizza box were a foot from shore. So I grab the cast net and make a toss. I netted one little baby greenie, so I hooked him on the awesome circle hook that I’m now a huge fan of and I cast him into the trough. Bam, bam, bam, I feel on the line…I figure it’s a whiting. Sarah had just caught a 3-pound whiting on a dead shrimp. So I set the hook, needless to say, it wasn’t a whiting. It was my favorite fish – “The Line Sider” – or a Snook as we Floridians strive to catch and call it. 45 minutes later, a 36″ 25-pound fatty is in my hands…what a day!! Is there anything better than being with your family and landing a fatty? I love the beach. Here’s the snook’s pic…Isn’t he gorgeous??? Tight lines to all. And if you need a captain, call Alison, she’s a pro.

Sincerely, Mr. Snook  Indiatlantic, FL

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One thought on “That Ain’t No Whiting

  1. Thanks for the post, Mr. Snook…not sure about the “Pro” thing, but I’d sure LOVE to be a captain someday! Beautiful catch – keep up the great work over there on the East coast.

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