That Ain’t No Whiting – After the Beach

An adorable snook-slaying family! From Left, Mr. Brayden “Clark Kent” B., the beautiful Ms. Sarah F., and Mr. Snook…with the Florida tattoo and all.

Mr. Snook and his beautiful family representing “The Florida-Style”. That kiddo better have a rod & reel in his hands by the time he can walk!! At least, that’s what we recommend! My question to you could only be about cooking this monster…come on – we wanna hear the Chef Anthony B. Killer Snook recipe! Feel free to comment the ingredients. Bring it on! Fish-On, Florida!


July 27, 2012 – Hello all! Ali wanted my snook recipe, so I’ll share one. I took some filets and fried them. I then took some red curry and coconut milk and made a sauce with it. Then I sautéed some zucchini and squash…some red peppers and onions. I then layer those on some cilantro infused jasmine rice and added the fried snook. I topped it all off with the red curry coconut sauce and then we all stuffed our fat faces! So good. Tight lines, my fellow Floridians. -Mr. Snook

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